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Van Robbery


Yesterday something awful happened. Our van was robbed as it sat in a heavily trafficked parking lot in the middle of a hot, bright, San Antonio day. The lock on our rear passenger door was pried open, and our gear and personal items tossed into a Grey Chevy Suburban that drove away only minutes before we discovered that the following items were missing:

- Rickenbacker 4003 bass
- Reverend Charger 290 guitar
- Pedaltrain Pedalboard (pedals, too)
- Sunn Coliseum head
- Traynor YBA-1 head (baffle missing)
- iPads
- iPods
- Passports
- Luggage

We feel confused, violated, and absolutely defeated. We’re crossing our fingers that something will turn up and our gear (and my retainers) will be returned, but we know how unlikely that is. Regardless, whether it’s a matter of pride or principle, the last thing we want to do is ask for help, but none of us really know what else to do.

If you feel so inclined, we will be accepting donations through PayPal (

If you feel odd donating, we have some shirts for sale on our merch store ( The kind people at MerchNOWwill be running a “sale” of sorts where they will be waiving the typical processing fees that usually come out of what the band sees and donating it to us which is very awesome and very generous.

If clothing isn’t your thing, you can purchase ANY of our records via BandCamp with all proceeds being donated directly to the band by our lovely label, Topshelf Records( They will also be posting some rare items for sale in the next few days so keep an eye out for that.

By no means do we feel entitled to your assistance, but I can say that absolutely anything helps. We’re not the only band that feels that way, either. Have Mercy and Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) just suffered similar pitfalls, and I’m sure they too would be very grateful for anything you could spare.
Most importantly, though, I want to issue a very heartfelt “thank you” for everyone’s support since the robbery. My retainers are gone, so I can’t speak for it’s attractiveness, but I’m still smiling. We all are.

- Tanner & You Blew It

Here are some photos of the gear that was stolen, either in the foreground or background. If you see anything listed on the internet, please come forward. In addition, photos of the van door they broke into and the location of the robbery.

Rickenbacker 4003

Sunn Coliseum headimage

Traynor YBA-1


Reverend Charger 290




wanna know what a cow looks like washed and blow dried?



that is what a cow looks like washed and blow dried


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And now, a very special Red Band trailer for #SinCity2.

Done by IG: @jvenicetattooNSW, Australia


I’m a foolish, fragile spine
I want all that is not mine
I want him but we’re not right

I’m sorry if I smothered you 
I sometimes wish I’d stayed inside
My mother
Never to come out

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>tell my girl i love subs
>she thinkin i wanna dominate her in bed
>god damn i love sandwiches

>tell my girl i love subs
>she thinkin i wanna dominate her in bed
>god damn i cant stand dubbed anime

>tell my girl i love subs
>she thinkin i wanna dominate her in bed
>god damn i hope my real teacher never comes back

>tell my girl i love subs
>she thinkin i wanna dominate her in bed
>i’m 20,000 leagues under the fucking sea

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tonight i said to hannah,

"what scares me about really religious people isn’t their conviction or how aggressive they can be about it, it’s that when they sing about the lord or praise him, they close their eyes, like they can feel the spirit in their bodies. like… what?"

and she almost spat everywhere cause she thought i was going to say something deep and meaningful, but i’m a fucking potato.

Be the person Uncle Iroh knows you can be
I’m an adult, but not like a real adult
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